This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: August, 2014


Sitting on Mill St
Still missing your body
Your mind
Your countless laughs
Ignoring the tides that you washed over me
I find myself filled with
Memories abandoned
Left amongst the doorsteps
That we tread together
Burgeoning love
Cut off
Like a short circuit
Fuses blown
With every angry utterance
I wonder how we even made it for two years


Falling Short

Morning begins a bit too early
Even when the days are shorter
Less prevalent
I want to burrow underneath the covers again
Making a nest with your hair in my face
But alas
You jumped ship
And are sinking to the bottom of the ocean
Atlantis won’t be there, you know
I hope you are ready
For what you won’t find
As you grasp at nothing
In the joyless aftermath


Preparing for a nap
Pillow cocoon returns me to the place where I find rest
I make the best of the bed I have been gifted
Found through the torment of your love
Cascading disappointing realities
Until the tides washed you away
I know now why you fear
The outcome of forgotten memories
Lost in the chasm of despair
Escaping to the the place
Where the waters meet the other side of the earth
That is how far you have tried to run Away from yourself
Away from the damage and pain
You dispersed onto me and into me
All the while managing to get me to worship you
I still love you
I always will…

Haiku #53

Cutting the last thread
Torn into collapsing shards
I fight no more

The Darkness Must End

It seems I already wrote the poem
I came here to write, just now
So, here is another.

Chest a cavern of lost thoughts
Lasting words
Lingering amongst the fringes
Of my memory turned toward the darkness
Emoting led to a damp feeling
Buried under the bruised shoulders
Which have carried my load
People say take it easy on yourself
If only
I figured that part out
Before my body became a place
Left amongst the wolves
Imprinted with your boot tread

A Letter

Eternities have passed between our meetings
Yet this one was cut short
Losing ground
With every mile west
On The Road
a story for The Times
Whispering into the ether
The cries of abandon
Latent within my tears
Until the third spear
Entered my heart
Piercing the last string
Connected to you
I dreamt of our souls’ union
I made a path in the mud for you to find me
I wished you into my dreamscape
And then the tides overtook me
Washing away the darkness
That hid the truth
A weakened sense of love
Muted by a loss
Of love for the Self
Eroded by the sands
On the winds of time
A plateau of experience
Awaits you now
The choice was yours
A scrap of paper passed
Like a note in class
Sent to you
From another world
Has slipped from your fingers
Not because you are nervous
But because you are careless
The edge of my existence has followed me
Along a path of destruction and betrayal
Somewhere the impression formed
And then I remembered your true self again

Love Has Been Lost At Sea

You have roiled my heart over miles
Over years
Clinging to you as if the very breath in my body
Was bourne out of my love for you
A boon in the desert
Of my heart
Lost are the tears of joy
Making me wish we’d never
Set eyes upon the other
What a cruel fate
To marry my soul
And walk away in strides
Longer than any land legs will carry me

Haiku #52

Full moon’s mist clambers
Up my spine, stepping over
Oh, the passions lost

Your True Name Is Calling

I think of you there
On a tiny speck
Of the map
An island
Of different proportions
What do you hope to find there?
Who is your true self?
Do you know even know your name?
The moments pass
Like you are there
On the couch next to me
In the space now filled
By a wall
The indeterminate time
Shall reap our history
Our pasts
And our futures
You alone crawl into my caves
Plucking heartstrings
All along the way
Making waves
In the place
Where my soul touches yours

Tonight’s Musings

I have tasted of the flames of your desire,
Moving me to soar amongst the heavens,
Light as air,
Ascending into ethers unseen,
By the naked eye…