This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Category: Musing


A million and one lights

Calling out like sharks

A desperation



Most in hope of the big win


Deal after deal

Hand after hand

Coins drop

Voices lost

Among a million and one


Cries of defeat

And the sadness gap

That the gamble will never fill


Haiku #128

Mother, father, wail

Family of coyotes cry

United this night

Haiku #127

Sword and stone crash, spark

Striking a fire inside

Hearth glowing, heart on

Haiku #126

Wearing the coat now

One that made you famous then

Moons set over you

for A.J.

Today Is The Greatest Day

Like a rushing tide

Now is the time to thrive

Building bridges anew

Crossing unseen bounds

Front row seat

To the Divine show

Practice Makes Perfect

Dancing I try

Always you follow

A taste unmet

Between here and there

Futility reigns

Amidst my memory

Time has gone by the wayside


I dance to a new rhythm

Paced by my own heart

Beating for me

No other

I will stand my ground

Until those around me are lifted up

Instead of dragged far down

Haiku #125

Three AM tastes raw

Like subway and moon time glow

Every man alone

Haiku #124

Chill of night descends

Calling to lovers long past

Waves recount detail


Following trails like stardust

My heart calls to the rhythm of the pulse


Resounding with footsteps

Upon the wooden hall

Making waves where there are none

A force

To be reconciled

Made whole again

With molten fingers

Hot and clean

Are the edges now


Dancing on the edge of truth

We trained ourselves

For safe response

A calling

Deep within

Sets fire to an already smoldering

Pile of coals