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Category: Haiku

Haiku #128

Mother, father, wail

Family of coyotes cry

United this night


Haiku #127

Sword and stone crash, spark

Striking a fire inside

Hearth glowing, heart on

Haiku #126

Wearing the coat now

One that made you famous then

Moons set over you

for A.J.

Haiku #124

Chill of night descends

Calling to lovers long past

Waves recount detail

Haiku #123

Watching the moonset

Painted just for me alone

Gratitude opens

Haiku #122

The seas rise and churn
Washing away, burying
Mama ‘Aina

Irma ’17

Haiku #121

Reggae music plays

Deep in the hills, surrounded

In a landlocked dream

Haiku #120

Mountain fog rolls deep

Stars faded, crickets singing

Night blooming silence

Haiku #119

We, like sun and moon

Chase over horizons, rest

Drawing close, but naught

Haiku #117

We exchange words here

Within the portal of light

In space still unknown