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These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Category: Haiku

Haiku #120

Mountain fog rolls deep

Stars faded, crickets singing

Night blooming silence

Haiku #119

We, like sun and moon

Chase over horizons, rest

Drawing close, but naught

Haiku #117

We exchange words here

Within the portal of light

In space still unknown

Haiku #115

Streets are barren now

The fold of time envelopes

Irises return

Haiku #114

Jupiter above 

I still feel your presence here

Eternity lives

Haiku #113

Toasted coconut

Bittersweet on my tongue now

Sugars easing naught


Through all of the pain

I am still alive to tell

The river story

Haiku #109

Another wheel passed

5 in total from the start

Of the very end

Haiku #107

I am haunted now

Songs with banjos, and ukes too

Make my heart rain tears

Haiku #106

I find no solace

Dancing on an empty floor

Tasting not of you