A Letter

by Joanna

Eternities have passed between our meetings
Yet this one was cut short
Losing ground
With every mile west
On The Road
a story for The Times
Whispering into the ether
The cries of abandon
Latent within my tears
Until the third spear
Entered my heart
Piercing the last string
Connected to you
I dreamt of our souls’ union
I made a path in the mud for you to find me
I wished you into my dreamscape
And then the tides overtook me
Washing away the darkness
That hid the truth
A weakened sense of love
Muted by a loss
Of love for the Self
Eroded by the sands
On the winds of time
A plateau of experience
Awaits you now
The choice was yours
A scrap of paper passed
Like a note in class
Sent to you
From another world
Has slipped from your fingers
Not because you are nervous
But because you are careless
The edge of my existence has followed me
Along a path of destruction and betrayal
Somewhere the impression formed
And then I remembered your true self again