This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: June, 2014

Haiku #48

Night settles again
A hole in my cigarette
Stars are my watch now


The Tower

All I can type
Are words of the past
Passed on with darker torment
A thought progression
That I do my best to hide from
Masking memories
Until the broken promises
Float to the surface
And I remember the time
You were stuck in the mirror
Seeing with a clear eye
Your own anger
Lashing tongue
Lasting welts
The deeper side of the heart
Brings to mind the struggle
Just to wake up happy
I am brokenhearted
Yet making the best
Of the new days that are here
Surrounding me with warm arms
That need loving touch too
I find myself at a comfortable juncture
While passing the days
Until I feel whole again
We moved mountains with our steps
Yet the tower still fell
Cracking to rubble
Between our dragon tongues
We sparked a moment in time
Ripping open the gateways to freedom
And all the world shall feel the ripples


When I step into the night
To light my smoke
Conversations with you slide around
Like marbles in the old wooden maze
Twisting fingers
And skirt hems
I keep am open channel
Though it burns my soul
Flames escaping in searing smoke
Ringed with the mark of you love
Eternities pass between
When I cry
And when I smile
Hurting to the bone
On short and long kisses
Melting the ache
Only in my mind

Lost Again

Paradise not found
The sign read
In fading paint chips
and a sigh of disappointing breath
It is the limbs
The head
The exterior exhaustion
That climbs the fencepost
Angling toward the sun
In a desperate attempt to
Manage the pains of the past
Open wounds need healing
And hearts mending
But satisfaction is only a partial remedy
For the quaking in thighs and chest
Wishing for days gone by

A Moment

Open eyes see before
A love true
And bold
And strong enough to survive the fires
My heart gives way
To the tides that flow
From between my legs
Ocean spray beings the next season
With passion

2014 (or The Future Is Now)

Literary earnesty
Opens the back door to thought
Eyeing the future
A new recollection has begun
The entities who are returning
Fill our channels with new insight
New sparks of genius
A collective leap is upon us
And we see it
We see it in the way
A community comes together
To save a business owner’s livelihood
After a terrible accident
We see it in the way
That business is just not
As usual
We see it as we find new ways to employ our services
Timebanks, barter, trade
Food sharing
We are generations opening new doors
Unfurling new fronds of life
Where creativity is once again
A flourishing field of freedom

Summer Lovin’

We tussled like puppy friends
Boundless joy
Wrapped in companionship
(Hearts aglow with love)

We fought like cats in heat
A fire so hot
Our skins burnt in frustration
(A metaphor only goes so far)

The dying embers of that blaze
Still scorch me
To the core
(My spirit is somewhere in between)

Life blends pain
With pleasure
Perhaps to remind us of gratitude
(Yet the ashes do not soothe me now)

Life blends pleasure
With pain
Perhaps to remind us of the truth of love
(I am found again to relieve my wanting)

Moving Along The Path of Healing

My tears fall slower now
My memory has been full
Nights brimming with conversations
I try to refuse to have with you
In my mind
Darkness alluding to
A more open channel
A.M. waves do travel further
With a clear sky overhead
My heart races to keep me from explosion
A venom so fierce
Was introduced to my tongue
When I first tasted your need
You even kneeled before me
In earnest
That day in the sun in the doorway
Offering love and many things
I felt new
I felt joy
I felt a million reasons to run away
Only now
Only after the dust has settled
Do I understand that there was no running
You were placed
Like a landmine
In my path
Lessons served up aplenty
Yet the Master ended up
Blinded by the blast