This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: February, 2013


Some quiet moments
I feel a rush
Of you from afar
Pulsing about me
An elevation of the senses
Piques my heart
Until our essence blooms


Moon Time

That time of the month
Experiencing exaggerated emotions
It can cause volcanic eruption
Irrational thought
Consumes, yet
We are only prisoners to our bodies
When we allow such compromise

Haiku #28

So many hours
Staring down headlights waiting
Sun burns eyes less

A Letter To My Orb

Sphere of light
I send to you my most pure Love
To me
From me
With deepest affection


Haiku #27

The stream of coin push
Old pieces do not compute
New machine rebels


We are worlds apart
Yet I sense you
Intrinsically entwined within
My comfort comes in waves
I am quivering with passion
At the very thought of your voice
Whispered into my neck
As your stem awaits to plant itself
Deep amongst my foliage