This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: February, 2015

Haiku #59

Media strikes hot
Forged amongst the flame of fear
Lost sight reigns again


Haiku #58 (or, Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers)

Cupid’s arrow missed
Striking us against our heels
Fated boughs draw nigh


I write poems
Sometimes daily
To ease the pain
But somehow
They just make it all
A bit too real again

Remembering to Forget

I called you
On the telephone
In my dream
It was 4 am where you are
9 am by my clock
My heart wept
Gashed open
From 4,900 miles away
Days of exile
Do not have an end
These thoughts
Wretch my insides
As though you were
Just out of reach
Oh wait
You are

Honey Do

Open palms accept thorns
Ripping through a few layers
Maybe dredging up some blood
A few streaks here and there
A convergence
Of a gift of love
And pain
One and the same