This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: November, 2016

Gone Today, And Tomorrow

Instead of your face

And a hand of bananas

Your square is empty again

Strange numbers replace the name

I once called mine

Drifting somewhere

Between now and then

Silent and final, yet

Goodby(e) not quite complete

Your words have become lost in time


Making Waves

Some days the water flows

The air charged 

With passion for the waves

An integral dance 

A constant yearning

Tugging away at me

Standing atop the edge

Of where sand and sea and life all meet

Coursing through veins

Water channels


We revel in the brightest sun

Escaping to 

And not from this time

A World Without 

Thoughts and prayers only go so far

Actions are



Than any word

Or letter

Mounting the reasons

To reach out 


Take the hands 

Of those you love

And those you do not yet know


Upon this day

Find the sun

Within the smile

Of helping 


Every time

Haiku #100

One hundred haiku

A book just might be revealed

As the earth spins on

Haiku #99

Trains and planes all rise

Between the bliss of loving

And the calling sun

Haiku #98

I ride and I ride 

I am the passenger now

Moon calling me home

Haiku #97

I lived in Haiku 

Breathed the breezes through my lungs

Kissed by paradise

Haiku #96

Woodford and clove smoke

Languish in tasting of past

Present drives future