This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: June, 2016

Haiku #89

Wind and waves compel
Yet the bridge has given way
Scattering heartstrings



Silent voice
Calls out in the darkness
A vibration of the truth
Set forth in notion, motion
The request of a Multiverse
Colluding on reality
In the mist of each day that rises


Sawed in two

Haiku #88

That moment when you
Get a follow suggestion
And it is their ex


Starting and ending days with tears
Is not the paradise I imagined or intended
Dark pathways are lit
Only with the spark of rage in your eye
A deep and still bleeding wound that seeps into daily life
When will you spit out the hate
And embrace the love?

Musing #3

Dreams remove the distance
When close or apart
The heart
Yearning for connection
Bellows in flame for truth

Haiku #86

Life keeps moving on
Whether we like it or not
Follow flow forward