This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: December, 2015

Haiku #77

Discontent with life
Can lead to suffering, or
Success can be yours


Haiku #76

You will know you have
Captured my heart only when
There are poems, Love

Perhaps I Was Too Broken

Words ebb and flow from the fount
Making miracles
Taking breaths
One day
At a time down and up
One step at a time
And Up
The heartbeat strikes a chord
Relinquishing mind
To the ether once again

Heroin: Not A Heroine

Days have turned to weeks
To years
To eons
When was the last time
I touched your face?
I hardly remember now
Was it 6 months before?
Time is lost when I think of your face now
Not that day I last saw you either
Frozen, spotted, wearing only a thin T-shirt
Showing off your dark marks
In some desperate attempt to wear a badge of courage
Or something
The time flew by
I thought we had some more
You chose your wings early
An unglamorous
Pseudo rock star death
Punctuated by your love of music
And a woman named Lisa Brown.

Haiku #75

Holidays are not
My favorite time of year now
Where’s my vacation?

There Are Days Like This

Poems about rough winds
And darling buds of May
Are so
Very boring to me
Give me your truth
Your guts
Spill them on the table, yet
Fear not
For the eye can see a jewel
Under even
The thickest of muds

Look forward
Into the mist
Instead of shutting out
All the unpleasantness
Which will still come to pass
Of whether or not
You choose to allow it
To dislodge you

Wake you up from your dreamworld
Counter all that makes sense inside
Pick away at your armor
Until there is nothing left
But bare skin
A pounding heart
And one last open eye
A fervent word spoken
At last

Haiku #74

Slip through the motions
Creating one knot untied
Until the light splits

Haiku #73

I’m still listening
To your music in my car
Even with goodbye

The Night That Jupiter Came To Town

It was a party
For a secret journey
A way to open the portal
For the first time
Between us
And the planets themselves
Crescent moon hanging low
5 am
5 orbs visible amongst the silver cup
Low on the horizon
As the winter drew near
Moments of clarity fused with full connection
Psychic minds manning the stations
While the open light grew inside the darkness
Until the tunnels of time themselves
Were violent with the culmination of their intended purpose

Letting Go Of Cigarettes

Sometimes breath is visible
Showing us just how we make our steps
A movement flows through winding veins
Filtering into the air as though a different essence
Is possible
Smoking tobacco becomes a way to remember we are alive
While killing us slowly all the while