This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: January, 2013


I watch you fall apart at the seams
Your vessel wrecked and sputtering
The currents of undersea diving
Finally release you into the ethos


Haiku #26

If it was current
And not a land hurricane
The waters would ebb

Haiku #25

Hard lessons fall
Between the moments of joy
And the winds of time

The Latest Hour

When I am alone at night
When my hands begin to wander
Fingers sliding over skin
Piquing curiosity between my legs
I find I am invariably swayed
By the imprint of you
When I inhale and find my depth
My senses find you
Skipping like stones across water Through places among here and there
As if there existed no matter at all Separating our spheres
Body in motion
I move my hips
Grinding against only a toy
Yet reliving me all over you again

Love’s Doorstep

The censure you offer me
Deep into the night
Skips my heartbeat by two
Dancing delicate limbs
Bracing me against the wall
Breath absent for what seems to be hours
Rolling spheres merge
Creating the complexity of passion
Waves of pleasure converge
Allowing surrender to encourage release