This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: March, 2012

Three Two One

Muses frequent the pages
A realized eye skips forward
Into the realm of imagination
Some may misunderstand
For languages only run so deep
Intoned by thousands of tongues
Matching in rhythm
A harmony occurs
Motion of waves
Tripling with each outward curve
Sticking the leaves
Into waves of golden flanks
Finally blown free


Further On

I state my intentions
Without a silver ball in my throat
Concise words
That shape every reality I see
I maneuver the waves
With a newfound grace
I am in awe
Of the worlds that come alive
When we share a lover’s gaze
Open eyes will indeed meet in the middle
I am making small steps toward you
Time is still on the move
I am unfurling my wings
For the first time in ages
And for the first time in ages
I am moved by a force greater than human
There are so few links
That fill the heart with glowing embers
Ready to catch
It only takes a single spark to find the light
Bouncing off of surfaces
The curvature of a cheek
Turned into the heat
Soaking in the radiating wave
As warmth grows in the center of my being
As I move through the streets
Meandering no more
Time has arrived
Spring is making subtle attempts
To rouse us from slumber
Peeking in through the eye of the morning sun
Anew is the day that dawns
Awakened and alive with you


You sparked a piece of my soul

With the flint in your outstretched palm

As you approached me

A bridge was built

Realms merging together

Continuing to flood into our spheres

I face the open gates

Mysteries still reside on the surface

Shading meager eyes

The electricity bursts forth with abandon

It’s will to break is rare

Yet the smile on your face

In the photograph I hold

Tells me every truth I need to feel