This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Category: Dreams

Haiku #119

We, like sun and moon

Chase over horizons, rest

Drawing close, but naught


We are but a series of moments

Each encounter building or destroying

Growing or dying

Starting and ending

All at the exact same moment

We are the full total

Of each experience

Challenges and rewards

Defeats and triumphs

Now more than ever we must


Stand tall

Un-balling fists

And extending open hands

Danger is around

Every shadow shifts

Creating rifts

In the swirl of space between us

Haiku #118

Our words shine through Luna

Making waves in chest and belly

Open portals glow

Haiku #117

We exchange words here

Within the portal of light

In space still unknown

Haiku #116

Another portal

Opening this night, space grows

Stargate awakens

Eternity Is Too Long

I will keep sharing my story

One of betrayal


Selfish vices

Rising tides

And skidding to a halt

On salty slopes

The force of impact

Too great to withstand

I am ravenous for the truth

Yet you only shove 

Tiny bites into my mouth

Casually crushing my heart

Every time you speak

Or reach 

Or breathe in my direction

I find tears in my eyes

And I tear at my covers 

Self divided no more

Haiku, HI

Each new day is 

Dampened by the memory 

Of you and the danger

You put me in the line of fire

Open wound salted with tears

A roiling fury 

Lost among waves 

Too high to photograph

One At A Time

Days and nights and days

Continue to pass

Filling the calendar with marks

Falling short of the past 

Yet open

Free to form

Unwilling to yield to wanton desires

Held through clenched jaw 

Lost among the eaves of the Lanai

Standing atop the mountain now

Volcanic rock spewing 

Lost in the world

So dreary inside

Unable to be alone with thoughts

Strewn across the elements of time

The Curse of St. Patrick

All the words in the world

Don’t repeat my mind

I am filled with

Strands of your voice

Lost forever among the crashing of the waters

Churning against my stomach walls

A church brogue 

Brought to light by the fanatical 

And set aflame 

By those whose ignorance

Outwits them all

Closing the Cover

The story has ended

Chapters filled

With the greatest

And most terrible 

Love story of all

A sort of love

So hot

That scorched earth

Is cool to the touch

Upon recollection

A sort of love 

So potent

It very nearly killed 

Myself and you 

And everyone else

In our pathway

The hardest part has arrived

For me now

Closing the cover 

For good

Allowing the salt water

To blur the pages

Written upon my heartstrings