This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Category: Travel

Haiku #118

Our words shine through Luna

Making waves in chest and belly

Open portals glow

Haiku #117

We exchange words here

Within the portal of light

In space still unknown

Haiku #116

Another portal

Opening this night, space grows

Stargate awakens

Haiku #115

Streets are barren now

The fold of time envelopes

Irises return

Eternity Is Too Long

I will keep sharing my story

One of betrayal


Selfish vices

Rising tides

And skidding to a halt

On salty slopes

The force of impact

Too great to withstand

I am ravenous for the truth

Yet you only shove 

Tiny bites into my mouth

Casually crushing my heart

Every time you speak

Or reach 

Or breathe in my direction

I find tears in my eyes

And I tear at my covers 

Self divided no more

One At A Time

Days and nights and days

Continue to pass

Filling the calendar with marks

Falling short of the past 

Yet open

Free to form

Unwilling to yield to wanton desires

Held through clenched jaw 

Lost among the eaves of the Lanai

Standing atop the mountain now

Volcanic rock spewing 

Lost in the world

So dreary inside

Unable to be alone with thoughts

Strewn across the elements of time

Haiku #113

Toasted coconut

Bittersweet on my tongue now

Sugars easing naught

Haiku #109

Another wheel passed

5 in total from the start

Of the very end

On Finding Your Goodbye

I was not strong enough

To say goodbye again

Face to face

Etched in mind

On heartsleeve

On the finite edge of sanity

That fled with the escape of the night into day

I am broken with sorrows that are not my own

As they are not my path

I only hope for truth to shine her light

Hawaii Stole My Heart (But It’s Not What You Think)

One year ago today

I flew in three different airplanes

Through three different cities

Over twenty-three hours of time

Across the entire country

And half of the Pacific

Just to reach you

Yes you

I came for you with all of the hope in the world

I planted myself into the moist soil

Dug my fingers into the arid sand

Took in the trade winds

While the rains danced upon my skin

I set my pen upon paper

And there I began a new chapter

Yet by the time I learned the flow

And found my confidence

The waves of your strife

Washed over me

Drowning my lungs

In salt and tears 

A tortured soul

Dragging me to depths

Too many fathoms below the light

Only to wrestle me 

Into submission and darkness

I find I am still alive

Only because I was exiled

Still, against my will

Six months ago

You broke me

Catching me with your hooks

Tearing my lips

Squeezing me too tight

Cracking scales and crushing bones

Only to toss me back

An unwanted catch

You didn’t even take the time

To look 

To know

If I made it alive

Back into the sea


I have my own path

But every time I think I am healing

I find that familiar cold pain

In the center of my chest

It is silence I crave

Yet my mind still screams

Just when I feel safe

You dig back in just to make sure

Your claws shining, shaping new cuts

Catching the scab you left

That bleeds again and again

I became lost with you

And further lost without you


I will still stand

Learning to live with the scars

Mending my heart with my own two hands

Your essence forever stamped upon my soul

Like a heavy bootprint

Squashing worms in the mud