This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: January, 2016


I have known death – 1000 countless ways
The essence spewing until dry
The fruit
Shriveling into dust
The body
Decomposed through earth
The way we once were
It is a matter of matter and time and space
And the infinite unified blast
Of truth that spouts all along the path
Waiting for the trained eye
Develops into the lotus
Which we all secretly desire


Snow Day Blues

You are still the first person
In alphabetical order
On my list
Due to the nature
Of the spelling
Of your name
It has been
Almost five years
Since you left us all
Wondering what more
Might have been

Haiku #82

Ziggy Stardust rides
Away with The Metatron
Into the night


Miles and years and tears and sorrow and pain all keep lips from meeting
Until the heart melts again

Everyday Musing #2

The timing has been off
Every time
When the moment rises
There is no one
Or here to accept
Any time

Everyday Musing #1

As a poet
I do not use periods often
Yet in expression
I find a need to

Haiku #81

Heart feels, heart heals, here
Finding calm waters, post storm
Entwined, embracing

Haiku #80

Years pass with longing
Life spins the sphere with purpose
Yielding to the sun

Haiku #79

I choose the small bed
Because waking alone hurts
When space is empty

Haiku #78

Write your words on palms
With a marker or crayon
It will not matter