This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: August, 2016

One More Taste

Wide awake in the middle of the darkness

A clenching of soul

Recalls past and present failures

Gripped by eloquence

Yet strewn amongst the leaves

There lies a piece of my heart

Waiting for you to discover


Haiku #95

She’s up all night

To get lucky and stoned here

The sun does not mind

Haiku #94

That moment when you

Find the truth but question it 

Sunset no option

Mahalo ‘Aina

Aloha ‘aina

Mahalo for breathing life

Into a dead heart

Once again

If Spirit so wishes 

To soar

Through me 

So mote it be


Flight number two

My feet and back

The least of my pain

Heart empty 

Yet soft


Unsigned and disconnected 

From the contract 

Bound by gold

Held in place

With invisible irons

My sense of self


Enslaved no more 

To the darkness 

That followed me home


Fast forward 6 hours of the day

Times that change 

Do not leave you the same


Wrung out like the wash

Fabric twisted to shed the dirt

Built between then

And just before now

A quiet lives in my chest 

Complacent face

No more

New Day

One foot

In front of the other 

Moving towards not away 

The days grow shorter 

Yet longer with each step

As I begin to fold the threads

That made me who I am today

New Life, Old Life

Life is just not the same

Without our cuddles

Empty arms 

Reaching for 

Empty bed

A moment 

But oh a moment

One that will

Reside in the corner of memory

Strewn across the rocks


With one last kiss