This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Category: Evolution


We are but a series of moments

Each encounter building or destroying

Growing or dying

Starting and ending

All at the exact same moment

We are the full total

Of each experience

Challenges and rewards

Defeats and triumphs

Now more than ever we must


Stand tall

Un-balling fists

And extending open hands

Danger is around

Every shadow shifts

Creating rifts

In the swirl of space between us

Haiku #116

Another portal

Opening this night, space grows

Stargate awakens

Eternity Is Too Long

I will keep sharing my story

One of betrayal


Selfish vices

Rising tides

And skidding to a halt

On salty slopes

The force of impact

Too great to withstand

I am ravenous for the truth

Yet you only shove 

Tiny bites into my mouth

Casually crushing my heart

Every time you speak

Or reach 

Or breathe in my direction

I find tears in my eyes

And I tear at my covers 

Self divided no more

Haiku, HI

Each new day is 

Dampened by the memory 

Of you and the danger

You put me in the line of fire

Open wound salted with tears

A roiling fury 

Lost among waves 

Too high to photograph

Today Is Not Yesterday

Love will forever be sad

Falling into tears 

Tearing at the seams 

My frayed soul

Bested by trickery

Left not at any alter

But the edge of a crag

Latent with lava

Ready to melt me

I go into the crater 

Willing myself 

Through the fire

For one final transformation 


Through all of the pain

I am still alive to tell

The river story

Haiku #110

Stop following me

Now is the time for goodbye

Stop the flow for good

Haiku #109

Another wheel passed

5 in total from the start

Of the very end

Haiku #108

Words live on fire
In the heart that is betrayed
Rest now and be freed

Am I Free?

This time

I am free

But choking on the memory

A night does not pass

A day never rising

That breaks the thread

I have tried scissors

And flame

Axe and wall

Only to feel that new familiar ache

A healing process

Only sought

To stop the cosmic leaking of my soul

I find I must be stronger

I find I must learn

To be more free