This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: September, 2015

Memory Catalog

I dreamt of your story
Set through my eyes
With faces I never knew
And your story
The heart
Torn from the core
Crushed under the weight of disappointing words
Lingering on in the canals of the chest
Left uncertain



She could spit fire from her heart
Or her tongue
Spinning the flames between two beings
With truth
Unfolding begins
A bloom that starts
Is its own friend
That is buried
Deep within the cavern
Of love
A truth made free
Upon request

A Boy’s Deathwish

Everyday daydreams
Filter through
The layers of my consciousness
Until the folding of the cloth
When the wren whistles weakly
The dove details the derision
Early come
Early lose
Mourning not only the spirit
Of one who is called love
But the eyes
And face
And prevalent nature
A thorn amongst thieves
A butcher of his own desires
The man who was called A.J.

Haiku #70

Words woven with care
Open heart trusts little more
Than life turning on

Haiku #69

We are entangled
Faces and legs and bodies
Wet with kisses, sweat