This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: July, 2016

This Is The End

Final thoughts spill forth

My mouth dry with bitterness

But thankful for the breath 

That resides

Within the depth of my being

Goodbye has

Never been so sad

The moment of release eminent 

Fortune follows those who follow it

Forthwith shall I march

A warrior amongst the trees

A shadow within the shadow

Precipice reached 

Through a constant tug

At heartstrings and reconpense


Words Unspoken

Every time I try 

The words stop short in my chest

Fingers unable to select 

The feeling that bursts

Each moment that you flash

Into my sphere

Love shattered 

Still contained

Within the items

Along the shelves

Of the thrift store

A book

A decorative plate

A figurine

They call to me 

In remembrance

Of the exquisite moments

Aloft in the cockpit

Traveling through the stars

Set on a course for home

I Lost You

I could feel you

5000 miles away

We met while you napped

We met while I slept

We met in a waking dream

The music that followed

Came from the heart

The heart

That will turn the yearning 

Into a set of actions

Opening up the doors

Of truth

Haiku #93

Sun beams through the streets

Manhattanhenge approaching

A clear alignment

Haiku #92

Ride to Olinda 

Fierce and ardent curving roads

The height of earth’s breath

Haiku #91

All I am asking

Is for your honesty here

Trust breaks easily

Hand of Words

Poetry knows no revolution 

No fight

No struggle 

There are only words

Hastily penned

With both light and heavy hearts

Mending pain and reveling 

In love’s unending mystery 

Regailing and repeating

Celebrating and mourning

The words themselves 

An extension of the urge of man

Creating verse with hands 

Hewn rough

Or gentle and soft

The pen does not know

The difference 

And when it does all end 

In a heap of dust

There will be word on tongue alone again

Echoing through the chasm of time

Haiku #90

I stepped on a frog

It was dark, he on my path

Darting free he went