This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: January, 2017

Closing the Cover

The story has ended

Chapters filled

With the greatest

And most terrible 

Love story of all

A sort of love

So hot

That scorched earth

Is cool to the touch

Upon recollection

A sort of love 

So potent

It very nearly killed 

Myself and you 

And everyone else

In our pathway

The hardest part has arrived

For me now

Closing the cover 

For good

Allowing the salt water

To blur the pages

Written upon my heartstrings


Why You Came – Haiku #104

You came to visit

One last time here on this plane

To say our goodbyes 

On Loss – Haiku #103

You now reside still

In the shadowbox of life

Death came early here

Haiku #102

New Calendar begins

Before sunrise we gather

Here, among the leaves