This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: February, 2012


Memories are yet to be created

As we make our way onto the pages

Of the next chapter

You fill me with life

I know now where my heart is going

Where my heart has been

Wrapped in silver lining

Waiting for your hands to explore

Ready for your eyes to peer

With light into the depths

Of the pain that once caused my heart to close

I know now where my path leads…

Directly back to you.


Long Morning

I found a strand of your hair
On my pillow
When I woke from my slumber today
You have not placed your head
Next to mine
In what feels like an eternity
I suppose then
I must caress my own skin
Fingers trembling
As they reach for the elastic
Of my pajamas
I feel the rush of moisture
As I imagine your fingers there instead
Breath coming short
And then not at all
I am sent to the heavens
Recalling your touch
I writhe a bit
Rolling over
Finding traces of you
Into the realms of my fantasies

Testing…Testing…Is this thing on?

Hello, there. I have started this blog in order to sort out some of my writing. It has become apparent that the sheer volume of poems I have published thus far are outweighing the other posts on my blog Made You Look!, and so, in attempt to make sense of all of these words, I am dedicating this one to poetry. Enjoy!