This Poet's Dream

These are the fluid lines that spill forth…

Month: July, 2012

Modern Meditations

Every moment begins anew
The opportunity to forgive
We only have this moment
This life
‘No day but today…’
The chorus goes
Here, locked into the present
I see many things I have not seen before
Views shift
When we stop filling eyes and minds and hearts
With all that has come to and shall pass
We move like spiders now
Four limbs doubled
As the essence of who we are
Settles into the presence of who we have become
A new link to ourselves is provided
Found simply within the inhale and exhale
A hand motions stop
Breath is the stabilizing factor here
Observing with third eye intact
Imagine it so
View it unfolding
Rippling through the cosmos
One beat after the next
Watch it flow
As streams and strings connect ever further
Within and without


Haiku #21

Humming buzzing sounds
The bed adjusts while you sleep
Sun shines through windows

Trusting The Path

The breath of your spirit can
Fan my flames
Or extinguish my source in a moment
As we meet somewhere in the middle
I find no fear in my heart
Instead I notice
A warmth that has grown into a flame

Haiku #20

A lilting tune plays
My heart years for your light now
Gentle sweet and kind

Drunk With Love

I thank the very stars in the sky
The elements of our composition
For the presence of your kiss
Upon my lips
For the brush of your palm
Against my cheek
For the early hours spent
Breathing into dreamscapes
As I wake to the scent of our passions
I find a fresh river of molten desire
Causing my heart to unfurl her sails


The origin of creative thought
Brought out to express the depth of tortured souls
Shines a light in the pitch

Late Words

Writing at the bar
Always carries the risk of truth
The serum at the lips
Sips the longings of the heart
Until the light of day looms
A spinning head
Woozy with alcohol and self medication
Obliterates all pain
All suffering ends
Until the truth ceases to exist

Lost Friends

We used to say hello
You work across the street there
And as I stand or sit on the balcony
Smoking cigarettes in parts
In my endless attempt to scale them back
I somehow find that your smoke breaks coincide
I see you
Not looking at me
Knowing many secrets
That are now buried
In the vault of a life passed on
From the pain of this world
I see you
Nervous pacing
A jittery hand
Stress is taking it’s toll
Yet you march on
Through the days
And I wonder most often
How much do you think of him when you look at me?
Is that why you look away?

For A.J.

Rebel Rebel plays on Mill St.
Your laugh still echoes in my ears
Meet you out there, somewhere

Haiku #19

Light diffused rises
Waning moon peeks over trees
I wait to see her