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Category: Love

Haiku #118

Our words shine through Luna

Making waves in chest and belly

Open portals glow

This Day and All The Rest

Yes, I hear you

I feel you


Every day

Maui weather rains upon me

Deep into the night

And all through the days

Thoughts still fill my heart and mind

With you

Of bliss

In connection

But there is still

A pain

A different space

One that changed me

And hurt me

Buried within the layers

Of the armour I have donned

I think of the places

Where your claws burned me 

Your pain 

Dug rough and dirty

Pressing hard into my being

My pain

A thousand shards

Cast upon us

In such a dark attempt to be free

Haiku #114

Jupiter above 

I still feel your presence here

Eternity lives

Eternity Is Too Long

I will keep sharing my story

One of betrayal


Selfish vices

Rising tides

And skidding to a halt

On salty slopes

The force of impact

Too great to withstand

I am ravenous for the truth

Yet you only shove 

Tiny bites into my mouth

Casually crushing my heart

Every time you speak

Or reach 

Or breathe in my direction

I find tears in my eyes

And I tear at my covers 

Self divided no more

Haiku, HI

Each new day is 

Dampened by the memory 

Of you and the danger

You put me in the line of fire

Open wound salted with tears

A roiling fury 

Lost among waves 

Too high to photograph

One At A Time

Days and nights and days

Continue to pass

Filling the calendar with marks

Falling short of the past 

Yet open

Free to form

Unwilling to yield to wanton desires

Held through clenched jaw 

Lost among the eaves of the Lanai

Standing atop the mountain now

Volcanic rock spewing 

Lost in the world

So dreary inside

Unable to be alone with thoughts

Strewn across the elements of time

Today Is Not Yesterday

Love will forever be sad

Falling into tears 

Tearing at the seams 

My frayed soul

Bested by trickery

Left not at any alter

But the edge of a crag

Latent with lava

Ready to melt me

I go into the crater 

Willing myself 

Through the fire

For one final transformation 


I wanted to be his queen

And he molded me

Into his little slut

I liked it

At first

But the constant drain 

On my energy 

Startled me awake

I wanted to be the queen of his jungle

And he just wanted me to be

A good little obediant prize

Ripe for the picking

And squishing

Shoved into a mold

Baked for too long

Coming out burnt

And hard around the edges

I only wanted to love him

Not be destroyed in the process

Haiku #113

Toasted coconut

Bittersweet on my tongue now

Sugars easing naught

The River Story

You became a part of the river story

The river of my dreams

The river of my past

Drowning me with sorrow

We spent so many nights together 

Tense and terse and never comfortable

We faced journey after journey in strife

A darkness about both of our hearts 

Until we found not only freedom from ourselves 

But from each other

I hated the day

I will always hate the day

5 years into it all this time

Millennia passing in between meetings

I am still in agony

Mostly, I wonder where joy went

 I remember when it was sucked away from me

Lost among the thorns of a childhood spent as a lie

It has been a common theme in my life

You ‘just want me to be happy’

But then show me only misery

I beg for freedom

Each passing night 

A clarity ringing through my desires

Yet my unquenched thirst remains in your stead