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Category: Family

Haiku #128

Mother, father, wail

Family of coyotes cry

United this night


Final Night

The journey

Now forever etched upon time

A carving of carnal knowledge

Too deep to recover

Vast beds of heaving chests 

Move forward into the dark hallways


Choosing life

No more

Haiku #102

New Calendar begins

Before sunrise we gather

Here, among the leaves

A World Without 

Thoughts and prayers only go so far

Actions are



Than any word

Or letter

Mounting the reasons

To reach out 


Take the hands 

Of those you love

And those you do not yet know


Upon this day

Find the sun

Within the smile

Of helping 


Every time

The Night That Jupiter Came To Town

It was a party
For a secret journey
A way to open the portal
For the first time
Between us
And the planets themselves
Crescent moon hanging low
5 am
5 orbs visible amongst the silver cup
Low on the horizon
As the winter drew near
Moments of clarity fused with full connection
Psychic minds manning the stations
While the open light grew inside the darkness
Until the tunnels of time themselves
Were violent with the culmination of their intended purpose

In Wonderland

I found a page
Of the past
In my car
Fae being flipping on the silks
Dropping to the edge
As the Black Widow
Flowers in hand afterwards
And you on the other side of me
The phantom that is no more


Wishful thinking
This sleep thing
All tangled up in thought
Mythos busted
Lost amongst the scrolls
Leading not into temptation
But the truth
That furrows the brow in the morning
That which turns the
Spine into an arrow
Making waves at the breaker
Until thought is piqued for opinion
Maybe this time we will learn
Maybe this time
People will care
About the state of their being
Of the earth
Before the number of commas
In their bank account balances
Maybe this time
People will recognize that we are
Truly the hand we look to for guidance
Discretion aside
Making waves is only the beginning
The earth spins
Playing its part
Much like the gear of a watch
Methodically spinning
A part of a greater whole
Is the whole fabric of the Multiverse melting?


I felt you thrust into my sphere

As I took a fateful step forward

The spear near collapsing my lung

As I fell upon your knife

Open verses will go on plummeting

From the heavens as we move about

Like children in the woods

Basking in the sounds of the waves

Skirting disaster in the form of a chain

Making new the remnants of the fires

That burned so heartily between us

We took each other by surprise

A split second decision

To choose the fate of many worlds


I have discovered that there is a collective called NaPoWriMo on facebook (I post from my phone, look it up, don’t be lazy…;)…) that has issued a challenge for one poem a day for 30 days. As I have already started, I have decided to join in the fun there, so some of the recent titles will be edited to reflect that change. Thanks, and happy reading! ~J

NaPoWriMo 2/30: A Stranger’s Journey

Even steps do not fall ahead of me
Yet the motion is fluid
A practiced walk is evident

Red striped shirt
Black jeans
Two white sneakers

Yet, something is different
This gait is unpredictable
One foot turned 90° inward

A lifetime of adaptation
Must have followed birth
Yet the smile remains

Walking on Main Street
Up to the day care center
To retrieve a most precious gift

As the door opens
I imagine a son’s face beaming back
In recognition of this man called Daddy