Love’s Lost Fortune Found

by Joanna

I love you for destroying the ugly parts of my soul
Angst bubbling just beneath the surface
Of your rusting suit of arms
Flowing like lava through tired veins
Etching a burning path of despair between us
The crest upon your shield
Worn away from years of battling Against yourself
With your dark brows
Hard lines against your face
Your daily tightrope walk
Between peace and war
Wearing me down and out
Glaring through my armor
Until it all fell away
Your inevitable departure
Itching like a bug bite
Reminds me that I can indeed
Be bitten by tiny monsters
But that I can, and will heal
Now, during quiet days
I have trouble remembering
The sweeter thoughts
Moments of tenderness
Overshadowed by the destruction
Of the tower you chose to demolish
Not for the sake of love
But instead, your own weakness
Leading my heart into the abyss
To be restored by my own hand