by Joanna

Torn between worlds
My heart burns the fires of a thousand lovers
Stretching across the hills and deserts Mountains and waters
The words I have enshrined already
Imprint upon the rippling waters
Sent forth into the days and night of my torment
I recall my lovers
Lost at sea
Are they to be found once more?
Am I to ever bare my heart again?
I am challenged by my searing desires
To burst through the barriers
Of space and time
To call off the guards
And burrow my way back
Into the shadows of bliss filled passion
The joys of freedom
Chase my every thought
No one has struck my heart as with your arrow
No one has spun the tip of my pen quite so
My heart is with you in even this darkness
I listen in the quiet of the night
For you
For the rustle of your presence
I listen to the winds and the drops
As they splatter the roof
Once more
If I am lucky the storms will not open the skies
Shuddering my ears
With the cracks that show me just how empty my arms truly are now