The Tower

by Joanna

All I can type
Are words of the past
Passed on with darker torment
A thought progression
That I do my best to hide from
Masking memories
Until the broken promises
Float to the surface
And I remember the time
You were stuck in the mirror
Seeing with a clear eye
Your own anger
Lashing tongue
Lasting welts
The deeper side of the heart
Brings to mind the struggle
Just to wake up happy
I am brokenhearted
Yet making the best
Of the new days that are here
Surrounding me with warm arms
That need loving touch too
I find myself at a comfortable juncture
While passing the days
Until I feel whole again
We moved mountains with our steps
Yet the tower still fell
Cracking to rubble
Between our dragon tongues
We sparked a moment in time
Ripping open the gateways to freedom
And all the world shall feel the ripples