Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

by Joanna

Your love hit me.
Fast and hard.
I thought
Uh, oh. I’m in trouble.
And trouble I found.

Now the days are getting longer
the nights shorter.
Both the season
and your absence
keep sleep at bay.

You have taught me many things.
We have shared the deepest love
I have ever known.
You have shown me what it means
to be loved.

I weep.
I breathe.
I distract myself
With little things.

Fixing the horn
Of the Unicorn I made
When I was 15.
Eating soup.
Making tea.
Weeping more.

My joy, my spark, my heart
Have all been replaced.
I know.
I know.
Time will help.
Friends will help.
My birthday will come.
Summer too.

Yet the space inside me
Will never be the same again.