Alumni Tribe

by Joanna

Traveling the streets of my past
10 year reunion
At the edge of my mind
We met over words
We met over poetry and prose
We met over performance
A strength was harnessed
Through all of our rough patches
Instead of destruction
Synergy is the framework
As words materialize
Channeled through threads
Unseen by the human eye
We will remain forever changed
Blooms from the garden
Pushed forward
Drawn back
Espousing our hearts
The same way today
As in years past
The luminous glow of a creative drive
Is the essential key for humanity
Standing in lines
Waiting at gates
Stretching too thin
Simply no longer serve
We have been gifted
The opportunity to channel
Just what will come to pass
When the sun rises again
Burgeoning the horizon
With the fervor of joy
Steadfast in our growing desire
Drafting new blueprints for a framework
Yet to be imagined

*This poem is inspired by the retirement of Carole Herzog Johnston, my SCAPA Creative Writing Teacher/Muse, who allowed me enough space to unfurl my wings. She will always be cherished as a bright and positive influence in many lives.