Dual Passions

by Joanna

Waiting at the terminal
My heart is split between two cities
Much as my heart has two sides
I am existing in two realities
Both alike in Fair Verona
A combination of presence
And presents
And an overwhelming desire to fly
I am not alone in this life
I am seen by my guardians
The watchers who ensure
That I only stumble
That I do not fall
I may falter
Yet I rise again
Strength multiplying
Insisting I grow
I am boundless
Stretching between worlds
Yet I am still bound
Most frequently
By my deepest inclinations
The central flames of my being
Are ever moving closer
Toward the center
Breath causing the tiniest of waves
To expand, then retract
Sailing forth
Into the fray
I mould the clay
With gentle fingers
I whet my lips
With the spring of life