Phantom Thoughts

by Joanna

It is late

I am on the local N

Eyes having scanned the scene

Every stop seeming to take just a bit longer

I am not anxious to return

There is a tight grasp on my arm

My body gives me only slight respite

There are days when I am so exhausted

I feel as though I will collapse

Yet I force myself to continue on

Perhaps I have set my eyes on the darkness for too long

Perhaps I have been too blind to see

Perhaps I have lost sight of the spark

There are many facets to this prism

Too long has this been built into a compound

We have been unable to reach through the boundaries

Until now

Until the time that our words have become an accurate expression

Of the true nature of our relationship

There are only so many ways to draw our swords through the earth

{Now is the time to ask for guidance}

There are no more reasons to hide

Either one way or another

This will play out as what it is meant to be

A direct manifestation of our personal use of will

Successful or disastrous

We move into the next phase of being