Evening Hour Thoughts

by Joanna

A traveler’s dream seems much different
Than the mother of four
A grand escape is always on the mind

While miles pass by
Making the best of the bonus scores of the day
The traveler waits for night

Mother waits though, too
For those precious moments
Of quiet time after the children are at rest

I suppose, then
There are few differences
After all

The traveler’s body is tired
After constant motion
And so the mother’s body is the same

They both crave those flashes
Of a stillness only known
On rare and secret occasions

A stillness that stops the world from moving around them
As they plunge into an inner world
That matches the external view

They dream of brief interludes
Between the constant dances
Of form in motion

Rest from bodies requiring attention
Just a small moment of respite
Short lived, yet necessary

These opportunities often reveal
New levels joy that can come
Through simply being alive

And so we find
A connective thread