NY Compass

by Joanna

Over the hills
and far away
Lies my destiny
A city of
Pure joy
Passions flooding
From lips and hands alike
With a fervor
Perhaps it is the ocean’s breath
That graces the city with a
Constant flux
I have tested my wings
I have been caught up in the whirlwinds
I have tastes fresh meat
and Arsenic
Burning through my lungs
Walked past many in need
Making heavy strides
Feet clamping the ground
As the pavement vibrates
With the paths of a thousand travelers
This place calls me
Beckons with an outstretched palm
Baiting my every move toward that direction
I find my way
Time and again
Motioning the ripples
As I drag my fingers
Through the pools
Moon view becomes me
As I set my sights
Once again upon the
Rough hewn streets of
Grit and sand
Tracked in from the periphery
I will make my home
Where the crossing of strong lines
Outshines all of the mess and mire
Where the pain of existence
Reverberates into strength unknown