Dreams of Tomorrow

by Joanna

This has the makings of a fairy tale
And the ingredients of a disaster
I will not falter
You may have an image in your mind
Yet I tell you
This may not translate well

A sinewy thread still connects us
Shimmering between here and there
Nestled under the light of a full moon smiling
Much time has passed
Since we tangled our legs

You and I
Are only We
In dreamscapes now
Flickers of distant shadows
Buried amongst the thorns
Dance in the corners of my memories
Still as fresh as the days that I soaked them in

I find the leaves continue to unfurl
Taking shape on the trees
Filling in the gaps left by the winds of winter’s chill
Changing my view daily

I find the love in my heart
Mirroring the branches above
Growing new life in gnarled places
As the dawns of brighter days to come
Take precedence in the foreground of my mind