Cold Winds Roving

by Joanna

As I walked about today
The last chill of winter
Struck through my jeans
It blew my curls to and fro
I had to dart into the sunshine
Just to take the edge off
I remembered though
As I cut my way toward a parking lot
(Black asphalt holding the rays of heat)
The reverse perspective
Of muggy sweet Kentucky air
Enters my sphere
July and August
Burning through my skin
To scorch even my bones
I begin to relax
Settle in to an even pace
Drinking in the scene that once
(many years ago)
led the way to houses of ill repute
Silken stagecoaches
Carrying riders from afar
Just to get their tricks
Before retiring to the parlor
I think of the women
Struggling to survive
Making meager means
Sneaking through the nights
To satisfy the hungry men
Who had long since lost their appetite
For the loins of their ladies at home
I think not of their pain
(too much to bear)
But of their joy and their sisterhood
These women were brave
They were warriors of the ways of the wise woman
They suffered scorn as the stain smeared on satin
More than a century has passed
Since the closing of the last doors here
An era of old has gone to the grave
Yet still lives on in the darker corners of our world

*This my poem for the day in honor of National Poetry Month. Please see previous post.*